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Divorce? Centralia Fresh Start Is on Your Side for a New Car Loan

During a divorce, people often pick sides and after the dust settles you probably have a damaged credit history. On top of that, you need a new vehicle. When you go to apply for a car loan, you are getting turned down.

At Centralia Fresh Start, we have Central Missouri’s only Guaranteed Credit Approval program that helps you get into a new car, van truck or SUV regardless of your credit history. Bad credit or no credit? We can get your guaranteed approval! Centralia Fresh Start can get you financed even during a difficult time in your life such as divorce.

The best way to establish credit and rebuild your existing credit is with a Car Loan from Centralia Fresh Start. The Guaranteed Credit Approval program at Centralia Fresh Start helps people who recently went through a divorce by re-establishing your credit and reporting it to all major Credit Bureaus. Beware of other car loan programs that advertise a “Buy here, Pay Here” program — those programs don’t help Missouri car buyers rebuild credit!

Centralia Fresh Start is the only Guaranteed Credit Approval Program in Central Missouri that you can trust. We are part of the Jim Butler Auto Group, The Most Trusted Automotive Family In the GreaterSt. Louis area and Central Missouri! Central Missouri’s no-credit or bad-credit car loan solution is Centralia Fresh Start!

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