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Recent College Grads Can Build Credit with Centralia Fresh Start

ATTENTION: Missouri College Graduates — There is a perfect place to go buy your first car without any credit history!

So you just graduated college and haven’t established any credit history, or maybe you have student loans that are damaging your credit? Or maybe you’ve landed that dream career but need a way to get to work! Centralia Fresh Start can help.

Just because you have student loans looming or no credit history established doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a new or pre-owned vehicle. Centralia Fresh Start works to provide guaranteed car credit loans that have a short list of requirements, and your credit history isn’t one of them.

Centralia Fresh Start assists Missouri car buyers with no credit history. We find a way to get them financed even with bad credit! We have 1,000-plus New, Used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles within our network to choose from. Congratulations on graduating! Now, let’s get started on buying that vehicle that you’ve always wanted.

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